Felix de Weldon
1907 - 2003

Felix de Weldon is internationally recognized as the foremost American sculptor of the 20th century. Most famous for his towering sculpture of the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, he is renowned for his bronze sculptures of statesman and heroes, thirty-two of which grace parks and government buildings in Washington, DC.

With over twelve hundred public memorials worldwide, Felix de Weldon devoted his life's work to immortalizing those who have left an indelible influence on humanity. Sadly, he passed away on June 3rd, 2003 at the age of 96 and was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Featured Collection

The Three Jurists

In 1954 the College of William & Mary, at which was founded the nation's first law school, commissioned Felix de Weldon to create the busts of Sir William Blackstone, Professor George Wythe and Chief Justice John Marshall, who are considered to be the architects of American jurisprudence.

On September 25, 1954, the Rededication of the Anglo-American Bench and Bar to its Traditions of Representative Constitutional Government was held at the College of William & Mary and the three larger than life size busts were unveiled. They remain on display at William & Mary Law School today.

In 2001 Felix de Weldon authorized the publication of The Three Jurists to be cast in bronze in a limited edition of two hundred and fifty. Now, The Felix de Weldon International Art Gallery is proud to offer these magnificent sculptures to you.

As this is a limited edition series, your collection will be cast and numbered in the sequence that your order is received. This incredible offering is a once in a life time opportunity to acquire three extraordinary limited edition works of art, each with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the artist deemed to be the greatest sculptor of our time. Imagine the majesty of presence this historical collection will lend to your board room, lobby or foyer. For more information please tour our website writingsquirrell.

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Limited Edition Sculpture by Felix de Weldon
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